InNow Project

The Innovation Support

The Innovation Support

Are you a large corporation that looks for new ways of growth? Do you have the vision to support the clean energy transition? You can join the implementation of the innovation support package. 

Through participation, you will: 
Enhance your innovation capabilities
Explore opportunities to start new ways of collaboration 
Access the international network of partners
Test the new concepts with a minimum level of the risk

The innovation support package aims to help large companies with their quest to achieve new ways of sustainable growth and the transition to a cleaner energy source. Startups / SMEs and large companies could bring each other immense opportunities through collaborations that, if used correctly, create win-win situations for both. The innovation support package goal is to foster innovative ways of the partnerships that, in the end, will enhance the overall capabilities of large companies. 

Open innovation is still an unknown concept in our regions. Through participation in the InNow project, large companies can develop their innovative capabilities and test new concepts with a minimum level of risk. They may further find new ways of business development, enhance their own internal culture, and challenge their current world view. 

The project is designed to address the most recent needs of large companies. In the first phase, each partner carries out an innovation audit for the LC. During this, the company's technology needs will be mapped, as well as alternative and additional measures to improve and maximize innovation capacities will be identified.

The second phase will focus on searching for the already existing solutions and project partners will develop a joint database identified existing technologies and trends that could potentially address these needs. As the next element of the workload, partners will support open innovation awareness through organizing a series of matchmaking events.