Innovation Support Framework for fostering the collaboration of startups, SMEs and large companies on clean-tech projects.


Innovations are changing energy sector, and large companies increasingly acknowledge the fact that technological start-ups and small companies could change the market due to their innovation potential.

There are immense opportunities for cooperation between start-ups, SMEs and large companies that could result in mutual synergies and an increased number of innovative solutions and products.

The InNow project will foster such win-win cooperation in the clean technology sector which has a huge growth potential.

The project consortium consisting of partners from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia will design an innovation support framework suited for their markets. It will consists of three programmes, each targeted at a certain maturity and size of relevant companies.

Total project value Founding amount ERDF co-financing rate
1.481.916,75 € 1.259.629,23 € 85%

Project outputs:

  • 2 Tools and services developed and/or implemented for strengthening linkages within the innovation systems: Innovation Support Package and Methodology for designing and implementing Matchmaking Acceleration Programmes
  • 25 pilot actions implemented for strengthening linkages within the innovation systems: 10 Business Support Package pilots in all partner regions; 5 Innovation Support Package pilots in all partner regions; 10 Matchmaking Acceleration Programmes pilots
  • Strategy and action plan for strengthening linkages within the innovation systems – Business Support Package for cleantech startups/SMEs.

    Here you can find all deliverables of the project that are accessible to the public. Feel free to download them and to use them. Remember only to acknowledge the InNow project and Interreg Central Europe Programme.

    • Draft version of Business Support Package – a complex e-learning tool to support development of business skills for startups and SMEs. It's available as an Internet portal that you can find here.

    • Methodology for mapping – tool used to assess capabilities of startups and SMEs.

    • Regional maps with gap analysis – description of deficiencies in business skills of startups and SMEs in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia and aims that need to be achieved in order to overcome the barriers

    • Transnational roadmap – description of policy to adjust business skills of startups and SMEs on road to market maturity.

    • Joint database of solutions – database of startups with skills that were determined as interesting for development by largecorporates



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    Business Support

    The Business Support Programme

    The Business Support Programme targets start-ups and SMEs, enabling them to partner up with the large energy sector companies. It will be done by mapping their needs with trainings as a follow-up.

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    Innovation Support

    The Innovation Support Programme

    The Innovation Support Programme raises knowledge of large companies about new possibilities that open thanks to cooperation with technology startups. It diagnoses innovation needs of the companies and develops pilot actions to Foster such cooperation.

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    Matchmaking Acceleration

    Matchmaking Acceleration Programme

    Matchmaking Acceleration Programme introduces tailor-made open innovation practices between large companies, fitting start-ups and SMEs. 

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    Project actions will reach about 200 cleantech startups and SMEs and 5 large companies in participating countries.
    Tested solutions will be freely available for use by other organisations that support development of innovative entrepreneurs in Central Europe and in whole European Union.

    Project is implemented by an international consortium from five countries: Slovenia (represented by ABC Accelerator), Croatia (represented by Optimization), Hungary (represented by Startup Campus Incubator and by the University of Debrecen), Slovakia (represented by Civitta SK) and Poland (represented by InnoEnergy Central Europe – leader of the project).

    The project IS financed by Interreg Central Europe programme

    Start Date

    APRIL 2019

    End Date

    March 2022


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