Social Innovations flourish in Silesia

The Association of Regional Cooperation - stakeholder of IN SITU project organised the meeting concerning development of social innovations in Silesia.

The representative of WSB University participated in the meeting of the Board of the Regional Social Hub hosted by the Association of Regional Cooperation in Katowice. During the meeting there were presented some examples of tailored services addressed to the needs of senior people including:

  • e-care services,
  • supervision of social workers activity,
  • e-health and post-surgery supervision for senior patients.

The President of the Association and concurrently a stakeholder of the IN SITU project, Mr. Tadeusz Durczok presented the idea and definition of social innovations and underlined their impact on social development of their consumers.

In the following parts representatives of the Municipality of Sosnowiec presented first results of pilot implementation of Nutrix application operated by the Municipal Centre of Social Care. The representatives of the general and geriatrics hospital presented the results of implementation of tele-medical solutions for monitoring of health parameters after surgeries.

During this meeting WSB University highlighted the next steps in the project and announced that shortly the Regional Social Innovation Hub located in Dąbrowa Górnicza, will start its operation.