Thematic meeting on transnational synthesis and SilverStar Challenge

On October 27th, another online meeting was held! All 7 Partner Countries of Central Europe has met to summarise foregoing actions and discuss next stages of the I-CARE-SMART project. As the final outcome is going to be a fusion of all cooperating regions' analysis, Needs Assessment Reports had to be presented. The Needs Assessment document focuses on business and seniors’ situation in the regions. These analyses allow all the project partners to work on transnational synthesis- one of the stages in the process of finding the best formula.

Later on, the particular solution will be introduced at the Silverstar Challenge event. Below we bring an insight into the idea presented on the meeting from our Austria-based partner City of Graz.


Zita is 73 years old, lives in the city of Graz in a big flat in a Wilhelminian style buildings on the 3rd floor without an elevator. She has three children, four grandchildren and one dog. Her family lives not in Graz, therefore they do not see each other that often. Her husband died two years ago and since than she lives alone. She’s still mourning her husband and often feels alone in her home. Zita has retired but had worked at as an assistant at the doctor’s office of her husband. Therefore, she is financially secure due to her pension and some money from her husband.

Zita has some health problems: She is suffering from a mild depression due to the dead of her husband and often feels lonely and sad. Her husband was an important part of her life and cooking and taking care of matters for him gave her meaning in daily life. Now Zita often is bored and due to a lack of life enhancing activities is suffering from a mild cognitive decline.