15.01.2020, Delft, the Netherlands

A leading technology incubator in Europe. YES! Delft helps to exert a positive influence on the world through entrepreneurship and an extensive startup ecosystem. The team is actively involved in supporting startups to strengthen and enable their founders to implement their business plans in the field of innovation. One of the thematic areas of Yes! Delft are innovations in medicine and care. The medical device and technology market is changing rapidly, driving fundamental innovations that save lives. The development of innovation and changes in the MedTech sector are taking place at a rapid pace. By 2021, this market is expected to reach $ 500 billion in sales. However, MedTech innovations go through a long process of various certification, clinical validation, compliance with specific regulations before they reach the sales stage.

Yes! Delft is a partner of EIT Health, which enables startups to access their extensive network through the EIT Health Validation Lab.

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