Project HoCare2.0 has officially started!

Project Partners from 6 territories came on 13-14th June to Székesfehérvár, Hungary for a Kick-off meeting to discuss the timeline of all project activities and to get to know each other. The meeting was hosted by the Lead partner – Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit and moderated by DEX Innovation Centre. All partners are now working on start-up activities.

The fact that by 2060, every third European will be over 65, makes the “Silver Economy” one of the fastest growing economic domains. Because many solutions for the elderly are ICT based and not yet well accepted by the care recipients, there is a growing need to involve them in the product design process. 

This is the reason why HoCare2.0 was prepared and submitted in Interreg Central Call. The project brings together 11 partners from Central Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Slovenia and Italy). 

The project with duration 3 years will be implemented from April 2019 till March 2022 and during this period will be targeting SMEs, research organisations, providers of public health social services, representatives of elderly care recipients and their family members at territorial & trans-regional level in order to build co-creation labs and tools, set up a trans-regional network, design a common strategy and action plan, and draw a road map for the shift towards “Open Innovation 2.0”. The developed and tested tools will help the regions to address challenges linked to the “Silver Economy” and boost the implementation of smart specialization strategies.

HoCare2.0 partners at Kick-off meeting in Székesfehérvár