29-31.02.2019 - Kick-off meeting in Katowice, Poland

30.09.2019 - 1st Regional stakeholder meeting in Debrecen,Hungary

30.09.2019 - 1st roundtable and workshop in Croatia: “Current status and challenges of SPAs in Northwestern Croatia“

03.10.2019 - HealingPlaces at Program dla Slaska

16,17.10.2019 - Novo mesto Development Center participated in a visit of good water saving practices and its re-use in the Lodzkie region of Poland

5-7.11.2019 - 2nd HealingPlaces project partners’ meeting in Linz, Austria

26.11.2019 - HealingPlaces project at a round table discussion of water reuse in Slovenia

27.11.2019 - Round table discussion with the most important stakeholders of the region of Upper Austria

22.01.2020 - Coordination meeting in Italy organized by Technology Park of Pordenone, supported by Venetian Cluster

22.01.2020 - Online meeting of partners

22,23.04.2020 - The third meeting of the HealingPlaces project partners has been organized on-line

28.04.2020 - Pilot project meeting in Upper Austria

10.06.2020 - Study visit to Terme Sveti Martin


08.07.2020 - Online meeting for representatives of SPA and local government (public administration) in NW Croatia

01.09.2020 - The importance of cooperation and efficient management of Lower Silesian SPAs is getting attention!

03.09.2020 - Participation on workshop ESPON CC in tourism - development of methodology of carrying capacity

14.10.2020 - Field trip to support the geophysical research in Križevci

15.09.2020 - Can foreign experience help Czech spas to develop?

23,24.09.2020 - 4th project partners' meeting online

1,2.10.2020 - HealingPlaces project presented during the conference "Common resources for common development. Cooperation of municipalities and spa companies", organized within the framework of Spa 4 Development project

11.11.2020 - Project partner City of Križevci has organized first Regional Working Group (RWG) at Associated partner LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin’s Hotel SPA Golfer

12.11.2020 - Live-streamed on-site walk in pilot site – Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia

20.11.2020 - HealingPlaces on BLUE WEBINAR SEALOGY Digital Preview, supported by the European Commission

2,3.02 2021 - Regional conference on the potential of spa cities and regions in Slovenia

17.02.2021 - Energy transition in Križevci meeting

09.03.2021 - Focus on nature-oriented, sustainable spa developments in eastern Hungary

12.03.2021 - Working meeting focusing on the natural healing resources of SPAs from the Jeseníky region, CZ

31.03.2021 - 1st Meeting of the Regional Working Group for Sustainable Management of Healing Waters in Lower Silesia Health Resorts

12.04.2021 -  5th partners meeting organized online by partners from Novo mesto (Razvojni center Novo mesto)

04.06.2021 - “Thermal water – yesterday, today, tomorrow”

15,15.06.2021 - 5th partners meeting with site visit in Jugovzhodna Slovenija

25.06.2021 - HealingPlaces at the general meetingof the Jeseníky Mountains - Tourism Association

09.07.2021 - Invitation to a summer school programme Coupling technologies to use low and medium depth hydrogeothermal energy


08.09.2021 -  1st Regional ECO-SPA conference organized by City of Križevci 

23,24.09 2021 - Two regional workshops focused on “Spatial development and land use vs. potential threats to the mineral and thermal water  resources in the Polish health resorts”

01.12.2021 - Razvojni center Novo mesto published a book Zbornik prispevkov regijske konference PRIHODNOST ZDRAVILIŠKIH MEST IN REGIJ: NAČRTOVANJE IN UPRAVLJANJE Z ZDRAVILIŠKIMI OBMOČJI.

28.02.2022 - Regional workshop organized online by the Institute for Territorial Development took place in Poland

29.03.2022 - Study Visit in Acqui Terme, pilot area of HealingPlaces

31.03.2022 - Project partner Business Upper Austria presented their regional video  

10.06.2022 - Final Conference of HealingPlaces project

14.06.2022 - Webinar on  How to manage natural resources in a health resort in a sustainability way? 

15.06.2022 - Webinar on"Discussion on strategic approach to resources sustainable management and best practices"