Kick-off meeting in Katowice


On 29th -31st of May 2019 in Katowice, the HealingPlaces team from 7 countries:

participated in the Kick off meeting, organized by Lead partner of project - Central Mining Institute (GIG) in Katowice, in Poland.

group photo kick-off


Day 1 of kick off meeting - May 29th, 2019

The first day included an official introduction and discussion of the management work package and two thematic packages: WP T1 Environmental mapping and assessment, and WP T2 Sustainable SPA management – from concept to realization. Pilot actions in project regions.

The meeting was officially opened by Deputy Director of Central Mining Institute. Subsequently, all participants presented themselves during short introduction round.


After the official part, the Project Manager – representative of GIG presented an overview of HealingPlaces project idea and logic and introduced internal management procedures.


During first thematic session, the WP T1 idea and logic was presented by WP leader – representative of IRT.

The activities planned in this work-package aim to design and test innovative tools, based on GIS and Internet technology, for impact assessment of various current and potential pressures and threats on mineral and water resources related to development of SPAs.

After that, the logic and interlinks between all tools, as well as the necessary standardized information about SPA’s: legal status, resources, socio-economic potential, environmental and socio-economic impact of SPA activities was discussed among all partners.



In the second part of the day, ideas and logic of all eight pilot actions to be undertaken in project regions within WPT2 Sustainable SPA management – from concept to realization, were presented by respective partners.

Planned pilot actions cover broad aspects of sustainable thermal water and other natural resources use in SPA, understood primarily as ensuring effective & rational use of identified resources & protection of ecosystems while realizing social & economic functions, including – among others -

  • identification environmental assessment of potential source of geothermal water,
  • testing of tools supporting environmental impact analysis and implementation of product environmental footprint method in SME,
  • preparation of plans contributing to regional water ecosystems protection and management policies,
  • creation of a partnership and dialogue platform for the sustainable use of water in the SPA through social participation and task force work,
  • strengthening the awareness of SPA users (patients and tourists) in the field of environmental protection and sustainable use of SPA resources.

Day 2 of kick off meeting – May 30th, 2019

On the second day there was a multifaceted discussion related both to the implementation of thematic work-packages and the partners' commitments to practical project implementation, reporting, communication, promotion and results dissemination.

The day started with the ninth pilot action presented by MENDELU and the discussion summarizing interlinks and typology of planned pilot activities in participating regions, moderated by WPT2 leader representative of BIZ UP.


In next session, partners, led by LAMORO, were involved in a discussion about the WP3: Management strategy & guidance: integrated strategy for sustainable management of SPAs natural resources


Next, Communication Manager – representative of HBCG presented the role of the WPC package as a cohesive project activity and a permanent opportunity to disseminate current results and activities. Additionally, partners tasks within work-package communication and Interreg requirements for the promotion and information were presented.


The Project Manager discussed management issues related to the implementation of thematic work packages, reporting and monitoring of project results and moderated dissuasion about realization of the deliverables to be completed in first reporting.

PM day2

At the end of the day, WP T1 leader conducted trainings on methodology and data acquisition regarding SPAs legal, environmental and socio-economic status.

WPT1 day2

Day 3 of kick off meeting – May 31th, 2019

On the last day, it was realized financial management session and two trainings on methodology to create tools in WP T1.

Financial Manager – representative of GIG presented rules of financial implementation and reporting.

The last part of the meeting consisted of the trainings on:

  • methodology & standardized data acquisition regarding mineral & thermal water,
  • methodology & national reports preparation regarding environmental & socio-economic impact of SPAs,

conducted by representatives of IRT, BIZ UP and KZ.


At the end, the Project Manager summarised kick off meeting and the main arrangements. 

The kick off meeting was a great opportunity to know each other, to present the role of each partner in the project and to share the ideas for pilot projects, as well as to deepen the management issues during the Steering Committee meeting.

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