Field trip to support the geophysical research in Križevci

Project partner City of Križevci has started first works on the pilot action within the Interreg CE „HealingPlaces“ project. First task is the non-invasive geophysical research in Križevci, regarding geothermal potential and existing borehole „Kža-1“. Deliverable D.T2.5.1 is the Documentation on the possibility to close the loop of water flow in Križevci, HR.


Natural heritage of the City of Križevci is thermal & mineral groundwater. The borehole „Križevčanka-1“ is situated on the Northeast Side of the center, Ratarna street, at on altitude of 157,4 meters above the sea, 1496,1 meters depth. The capacity is 4 l/s of thermal water (68℃). 

Experts from Croatian Geological Survey conducted the research and the final document will be the Multidimensional (environmental and geophysical) study on the circular way of using existing resources of thermal & mineral water providing sustainable use and preserve natural aquifer characteristics (such as pressure) & prevent depletion of groundwater. Chosen method for the research is the Magnetotellurics (MT). Iti s an electromagnetic geophysical method for inferring the earth's subsurface electrical conductivity from measurements of natural geomagnetic and geoelectric field variation at the Earth's surface.

Employess of The Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering geology;
Senior research Staša Borović, Ph.D., Josip Terzić, Ph.D., Kosta Urumović, Ph.D., Ivan Kosović, M.Eng.Geod., undertook this research. This was also on opportunity for students from the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering University of Zagreb to participate and learn about this method.