Austrian Pilot Action

Strengthening regional partnership in selected SPA regions in Upper Austria

Like other partner regions, also Upper Austria is faced with challenges of sustainable management of thermal water sources because of conflictual demands. To secure high ecological and regional welfare standards in the use of thermal water, common regional strategies will become more and more important. Upper Austria has been developing a network of intercommunal cooperation structures on the regional level, where common strategies are discussed in the fields of spatial planning, protection of natural resources as well as social and economic strategies. Through the formation of local networks, these existing structures are now to be made more sensitive to thermal water issues and used for the protection of thermal water. 

Pilot action aim is strengthening regional partnership in a selected SPA region in the northern part of Upper Austria, called Mühlviertel. A common strategy is being developed to secure water and other water based natural resources like wood and to ensure sustainable use. This is intended to achieve the sustainable management of thermal water on the one hand, and new opportunities to capitalize this natural heritage on the other.

This strategy will be based on the in-depth analysis of economic framework, natural resources and relevant future trends in health and environmental policies. A regional task force will be appointed for long-term partnership to ensure sustainable structures for sustainable resources management.

Main stakeholders in this process will be the new established tourism association of the region (merger in progress), the municipality and the SPA of Bad Zell, and other regional players in tourism sector.