Testing participative tool for improvement of SPAs water deposits sustainable management in Jeseniky

Jeseníky – CZ07 Střední Morava, resp. CZ08 Moravskoslezsko

Jeseniky region is rich in mineral water/ spa facilities, which represents a great natural wealth that we have to preserve for future generations. However the spa management is dispersed and lies within the competence of several spa stakeholders. Thus, the main challenge is to develop a tool to help harmonize the decisions of these interest groups (spa stakeholders) concerning the sustainable use of mineral waters.

Key steps:

−             Identification of the outreach of underground mineral water deposit used as a SPA basis in Šumperk (Jeseník, CZ) and confronting it with municipal borders (as different decision making entities),

−             Identification of the most important actors (in all the administrative districts) from the administration, business and public sector,

−             Influence and decision-making power was diagnosed and described. Processes & activities dangerous from environmental point of view were carefully diagnosed in Šumperk area with particular focus on decision making processes performance & public participation

−             Selection of important development issues under Local-Regional Working Group debate and recommendation process.

−             Established Local-Regional Working Group to democratically support decision making processes in environmentally fragile area of Jeseniky Spa Region

Main indicators:

−             Report on results of tool application for assessing the investment impacts in Jesenik region,

−             On 1st and 2nd October 2020 in Świeradów-Zdrój a Czech-Polish conference entitled „Wspólne zasoby wspólny rozwój. Współpraca gmin i przedsiębiorstw uzdrowiskowych” organized within the project "Spa treatment on the Czech-Polish border and its contribution to regional development - Spa4Development" (https://spa.euwt-novum.eu/o-projekcie/). Participants of the conference were local governments from SPA communities, representatives of SPA companies and representatives of the scientific world from the Polish-Czech borderland.

−             A set of assumptions for the necessary adjustment / adaptation of the tools was developed

−             Book „Good practices in spa management”, Health resorts on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic. The book is published in Polish and Czech

What is new?:

−             On June 25, 2021, another of the project events within the solution of the HealingPlaces project took place in Rapotín (Jeseníky, CZ). The introductory part consisted of the participation of the project team and the presentation of project activities at the General Meeting of the Jeseníky Mountains - Tourism Association (associated project partner). The General Meeting was attended by almost 100 representatives of partners - members of the tourism association. It was followed by its own project event - a round table "MUNICIPALITIES AND SPA JESENÍKŮ".

−             On 12.03.2021 Mendel University and Jeseníky - Tourism Association organized a working meeting focusing on the natural healing resources of SPAs from the Jeseníky region titled "PŘÍRODNÍ LÉČIVÉ ZDROJE LÁZNÍ JESENÍKŮ“ via ZOOM.

Local results of the pilot action:

−             Recognition of regional value of existing SPA’s and increased support for their sustainable development,  

−             Newly gained information on potential and actual threats on thermal asset,

−             Increased awareness of local administration and general public concerning the impact of on-the-ground investments on mineral water deposits.

Regional Pilot Action in Jeseniky aim at increasing awareness of mineral water deposits sensitivity in relation to on–surface development (land use) in context of different interests of the individual stakeholders in long term perspective. It will provide the strategic tool for economic, spatial, social and environmental development and planing.

The methodology for analyzing the land use investment pressures for mineral waters deposits can be adopted to other local circumstances elsewhere.