In a village, seeds have always been sown and fruits harvested. In a MaC Village, creativity is sown, innovation is harvested and the village is rediscovered.

The project MaC Village handbook has been crated for local stakeholder planning to bring innovation into regional development in rural areas with an easy to use methodological and cooperation concept.

Handbook was developed within the framework of the Interreg Central Europe Programme funded from the European Regional Development Found (ERDF) that encourages cooperation on shared challenges in Central Europe.

The handbook is divided into three parts. Part One contains the key concepts and principles the theoretical foundations and methodological concept.

Part Two is a stand-alone unit and is translated into German, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Italian language. This part is intended for local stakeholders who want to start innovative process in their region, presenting workshop settings with a dedicated focus on stakeholder groups, and results from the participating partners regions.

Readers who would like more information about innovation process can cheek the methodology video: Interreg CE MacVillage overall video

Part Three presents in detail the system of implementation of the innovation process with theoretical references, concept formation, development process, and evaluation. In appendix is detail samples to perform regional analysis, innovation, workshops, trainings, and evaluation.

 The developed innovative process tested in of MaC Village project can help you to initiate innovation in rural areas between business enterprises and representatives of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). The resulting networks and business models provide impulses for new economic structures in rural areas.

Handbook for Local Stakeholders to Implement Methodology
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