Workshop in Poland

The workshop organized by Rzeszow Regional Development Agency on 24 September 2018, was an excellent opportunity to pass on knowledge about cultural heritage and encourage young people to participate in contemporary cultural life.

Experts, thanks to the HICAPS project, tried to raise awareness of the importance of nature among the youth by teaching them how to care for nature through the protection of green areas, introducing them to the importance of historical parks as cultural heritage.

Using the vicinity of the park, participants had the opportunity to learn and enrich their knowledge about native tree species. They searched and assessed selected tree species in the field.

Interesting debate developed about the world without nature, parks and history. Devastated and degraded buffer parks and their impact on the surroundings and surrounding residents were presented. The students noticed that very often it is underestimated what we have around ourselves, such a castle parks, especially in a small towns where the parks are great place where you can meet friends, take a walk or just study with the nature. 

Additionally, workshop offered interesting outdoor classes during which the students together with experts practiced how to take photos in various outdoor activities. They learned how to photograph nature, how important is the historical and natural context when photographing, how to use cameras in smartphones to best reflect the depth and diversity of landscape and vegetation of parks.

Also, education of moral and civic values and preparation for critical use of mass media was addressed. Workshop highlighted how increased awareness and participation of residents in culture can directly translate into benefits for the whole community!

Workshop in Poland