International conference on heat pumps ZEO 2016 in Ljubljana


International conference on heat pumps ZEO (Zgradbe-Buildings, Energy, Okolje-Environment) 2016 was organized in Ljubljana by company Kubus Engineering l.l.c. from Ljubljana. Domestic and foreign lecturers presented their views and showed the achievements in the field of the heat pumps’ use. The participation from the Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS) in the conference was the following: Joerg Prestor, Mitja Janža, Dušan Rajver and Simona Pestotnik. All four were also the authors of our presentation "The potential of shallow geothermal energy in Slovenia", presented by Dušan Rajver. He emphasized the difference between shallow and deep geothermal, explained the concepts of open and closed systems, direct and indirect use of shallow geothermal energy (GE), of the importance of the Earth's heat flow, showed the importance of a preferred decision-making in the exploitation of natural (geological, geographical) and other features, emphasized the geological potential and the advantages and peculiarities of GSHPs. He showed a growth market of GSHPs in Slovenia and described projects GRETA and GeoPLASMA-CE.