Progress on the web-portal construction

The construction of the joint GeoPLASMA-CE web-portal started in July 2017. The main focus in the first development phase is on the general technical setup of the web-portal, the international expert platform and the homepage of the web-portal. The layout was presented for the first time during the project workshop in Ljubljana at the end of August where valuable feedback was collected from the project partners. 

According to the agreed timeline, a first version of the international expert platform and the homepage of the web-portal will be released right before the GRETA midterm conference on 7th November 2017. The web-portal will be presented on the conference and the participants will be able to insert their data on the expert platform from a local workstation.

The first version of the international expert platform will include most features that were described in the according White Books. The knowledge repository, the yellow pages application and the events section will all be available on release with prefilled content that will be initially provided by all project partners. From the release on, interested users can easily sign up on the platform and add their own content for the knowledge repository or their own profile for the yellow pages application.

After the release of the initial version of the web-portal, the work will be shifted to the decision support tool with the web-GIS as the main feature. The web GIS will display the results of the GeoPLASMA-CE project in the form of geographical layers like a traffic-light-maps indicating the geothermal installation potential in a specific area. The goal is to present a first version of the web GIS at the GeoTHERM expo & congress in Offenburg, Germany in March 2018.