Meeting with stakeholders of the Wałbrzych pilot area

28. 11. 2017

The participants were mainly representatives of local authorities from the Wałbrzych pilot area, including Mr. Roman Szełemej, PhD, the major of the Wałbrzych city.

The meeting was focused on preliminary assessment of different conditions and barriers for the implementation of geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) in the Wałbrzych pilot area. A strong need to increase the number of GHPs in the investigated area was underlined during the lectures and later in the discussion. This technology, based on one of the renewable energy sources, should be used when replacing coal-fired furnaces and thus can significantly contribute to reduce severe air pollution in the area. At the end of the session the stakeholders were asked to fill up a questionnaire for assessing the user demand and the scope of planned Energy Strategy for the Wałbrzych pilot area.

Expected follow up includes future cooperation, exchange of data and information, that will help to create a sustainable local energy management strategy supporting the enhancement of shallow geothermal energy use.