Visit from Brussels

20. 6. 2017

On June 20th 2017, the Head of Unit for Transnational Cooperation at the European Commission, Jean-Pierre Halkin, was in Vienna and met with representatives from GeoPLASMA-CE, Transenergy and GRETA projects. While Transenergy (Central Europe, 2010 – 2013) was focusing on deep geothermal use in the western part of Pannonian Basin, the so called “sister projects” GeoPLASMA-CE (Central Europe, 2016 – 2019) and GRETA (Alpine Space, 2015 – 2018) deal with shallow geothermal use.  

After short presentations of the goals expected and achieved outputs of GeoPLASMA-CE and Transenergy, the joint discussion was focusing on the importance of involving stakeholders and policy makers in Interreg projects. Mrs. Annamaria Nador (MFGI, Budapest), the former project coordinator of Transenergy, pointed out, that the interaction achieved with local and national stakeholders in the western Pannonian region was below the expectations given in the beginning of the project. Mr. Gregor Goetzl, the coordinator of GeoPLASMA-CE, agreed on that statement. The experiences already gained in GeoPLASMA-CE show, that stakeholder interaction has to be a permanent accompanying process during all stages of an Interreg project. The question was also raised if a mandatory “stakeholder interaction” should be implemented in future Interreg project work plans.

It was a great pleasure and honour of the GeoPLASMA-CE team to host this meeting at the premises of the Geological Survey of Austria (GBA) and to participate in such high level discussion. It will motivate the team to keep on involving national and local stakeholders in the achievement of common project results.

Mr. Halkin at GBA

Group photo in the yard of GBA in front of the historic monolithic stone table, from left to the right: C. Weinberger (Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs, Austria), M. Hutter (City of Vienna), Ch. Breznik (City of Vienna), A. Nador (MFGI). J.P. Halkin (DG Regio), A.J. Krabatsch (DG Regio), L. Ferrarese (JS Central Europe), A. Deimel (Austrian Chancellery), B. Wukowits (City of Vienna), L. Jusko (JS Central Europe) and G. Goetzl (GBA).