The GeoPLASMA-CE team met for the second and final time in Vienna

2. - 5. 4. 2019

Two years of implementing our project did not just made us look older and become wiser, the GeoPLASMA-CE family also included new faces while some left.

Vienna 2017

Group photo March 2017

Vienna 2019

Group photo April 2019

The second Vienna meeting focused on interactive workshops

In total, the Vienna meetings were attended by 30 project members, who were involved in 17 workshops including two bottom-up group work sessions. The major topics addressed included among others:

>    Final modifications and amendments of the GeoPLASMA-CE web portal: best practice examples, explanatory notes to our web map services

>    Finalization of our workflows for resource mapping: estimating subsurface temperatures in the transient zone and the heat transfer rate of borehole heat exchangers

>    Developing a GeoPLASMA-CE position paper on bringing shallow geothermal energy forward in Central Europe

>    Organizing the closure of GeoPLASMA-CE and possible follow-up activities including a lessons-learned feedback session

>    Organizing our dissemination and communication activities during the project closure phase (see more information below)

Vienna 2019

Technical session on resource mapping

Vienna 2019

Group discussion on possible follow-up activities

Watch out for our final communication and dissemination events in 2019!

In the remaining months of GeoPLASMA-CE until the end of September, we will organize a series of events for disseminating and discussing our major project outcomes – see below if one of our events matches your schedule:

>    Final international project conference in Freiberg, Germany from May 21 to 22, 2019:

>    Session on geothermal energy use supported by GeoPLASMA-CE at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019, June 17 to 21, 2019:

>    Regional stakeholder trainings and workshops on the products developed in GeoPLASMA-CE: contact for further information on the events  

>    Shallow geothermal energy summit supported by GeoPLASMA-CE in Brussels from September 24 to 25, 2019: Further information will be distributed soon at