Meeting in Ljubljana

31. 8. 2017

The GeoPLASMA-CE meeting in Ljubljana hosted six technical sessions. During the first session on the second meeting day, the geological surveys of Saxony and Austria presented concepts for mapping the potentials and conflicts of use for open and closed loop systems, 3D modelling and a joint geodata management concept. The harmonization of methods to be applied is important to generate comparable results in GeoPLASMA-CE. Later that day, the project partners presented the aimed contents and functionalities of the so-called “regional web-platforms” for the six pilot areas, which will represent a major technical output of the project. Based on the presentation given by the partner, a rough schedule for publishing our web tools was defined. The first releases of distinctive web applications (e.g. our expert platform) are scheduled for the end of 2017.

The third meeting day was focused on the work in the pilot areas. In the first technical session, we were discussing on the already achieved field measurements and the progress of the data assessment in the pilot area. In addition, the project partner GeoENERGIE Konzept GmbH presented the recently accomplished concept on applying Thermal Response Test measurements in GeoPLASMA-CE (for further information see here). The joint concept also includes benchmark tests and comparative measurements to make the field data gained in the six pilot areas comparable to each other.

The last technical session of the Ljubljana meetings focused on the current legal framework and the existing framework on energy supply in the pilot areas. The involved partners gave short presentation about the current framework for applying shallow geothermal methods. The presentations can be downloaded here.

To conclude, the technical sessions in Ljubljana gave us a crucial impulse for proceeding in GeoPLASMA-CE. Our next technical workshop will take place in October 2017 in Prague, where we will focus on generating the aimed thematic outputs in our six pilot areas.