Joint report on the user demands and barriers for the implementation of shallow geothermal methods in energy planning strategies

4. 9. 2018

The inclusion of shallow geothermal energy use in heating and cooling concepts is strongly depending on the expectations and reservations of regional stakeholder towards this technology in the addressed pilot areas. For preparing policies and strategies for the GeoPLASMA-CE regions, the project team performed a stakeholder survey to identify demands and barriers towards an enhanced application of shallow geothermal.

In the period between November 2017 and April 2018, the team performed 47 stakeholder interviews, which also covered simplified SWOT analyses to assess opportunities and threats in the opinion of stakeholders. Local authorities, agencies, SMEs as well as research and NGOs represent the interviewees. All of them might play a role in applying the strategies on the use of shallow geothermal energy for the pilot areas.

This report summarizes the outcome of a stakeholder survey on the inclusion of shallow geothermal energy (SGE) use in heating and cooling supply in six pilot areas of GeoPLASMA-CE. The feedback received in the different pilot areas represent the basis for developing individual regional strategies for fostering shallow geothermal in heating (and cooling) supply. The comparative analyses of the outcomes of this survey at the different regions will also feed into the joint “Strategy report for future energy planning and management concepts to foster the use of shallow geothermal methods”.

Joint report is available here