Co-development of strategy and pilot plan on Bydgoszcz stakeholder meetings

Two meeting occasions, one in the online space and one in person supported the local circular water management strategy and pilot development in Bydgoszcz.  

In early summer 22 participants gathered to learn and discuss the co-development process of the sustainable water management strategy and set up local visions. Inputs for the initial local documents paving the way to create the CWC strategies by setting the objectives, place-based targets and directions for circular urban water use. Therefore the participants heard about their role in strategy building process and assessment of the possibility of using closed-loop water system.


Stakeholder meeting in Bydgoszcz

Stakeholder meeting in Bydgoszcz

The next event was dedicated to the pilot project. Dastin Adamowski from, author of conceptual design of rainwater  management system for selected public buildings presented his work on pilot investment.

Bydgoszcz has the ambition that the demonstrative nature of the pilot investments will allow to disseminate knowledge about the advantages of using green-blue infrastructure, collecting and using rainwater, and to include these issues in the overall land development plan. Retained rainwater, treated as a valuable resource, can be used in green areas and improve the condition of plants.

Participants disscussed details of the concept, their comments were taken into account before finalizing the concept and gave their input to the document.