Framework for improving water balance and nutrient mitigation by applying small water retention measures

FramWat aims to work out the regional, common framework for flood, drought and pollution mitigation by increasing the buffer capacity of the landscape. Majority of water management and flood protection measures follow more traditional approaches, including large scale grey infrastructure investment programs or capital projects. They have not been balanced by green infrastructure which takes into account valuable ecosystem services provided by nature in the landscape settings. FramWat project supported the idea for using the landscape features to help solving environmental problems in water bodies in a sustainable way. The result is new methodology for incorporation of natural and small retention measures in a form of action plan to be implemented in river basins. We have developed new tools: GIS based tool for assessment of needs and possibilities (FroGIS), Excel based tool for comparison of different variants of catchment development (StaticTool) and Decision Support System which summarises all findings. The proposed approach is written in form of Guidelines and tested in six catchments developed and approved by local water authorities. Number of seminars, workshops and presentations made proposed methodology available for broader public.

FramWat developed a new approach for the implementation of the NSWRM in the River Basin Management Plans. Water management, nature protection, agriculture and forestry often do not cooperate efficiently, as they are parts of different departments. Our project increased the skills and capacities of our target groups for sustainable use of landscape for better and climate-proof water resources management. Nature based solutions and small retention measures have not been seen as an important feature used in water resources planning agenda. In Central Europe we share a number of common high valued natural heritages and face similar challenges, transnational cooperation enhanced competence of public sector for such approach.

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Dec. 2019

National policy dialogues


National policy dialogue were organized in all 6 countries in December 2019.


Framwat project seminar during ISRS Conference in Vienna


Framwat project seminar during ISRS Conference in Vienna



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JuNE 2020

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