Workshop at TEH #87 // Heritage sites: Letting Culture in

How transnational cooperation projects help to bring life back to abandoned heritage sites by letting culture in

In this workshop, participants will learn about transnational cooperative approaches and their possibilities of involvement in European projects in general and in through details about the Central Europe Interreg V project Forget Heritage.
Afterwards we will focus on projects with the specialized aim to bring the needs of citizens and cultural creatives together with the opportunities of cultural enabling spaces like abandoned heritage sites.
The participants learn how to become an eye-level partner, how to find out transferable solutions across borders of nations and spheres of the societies and how to influence with this strategy national policies, develop human resources and strengthen local managerial systems. The workshop is interesting for cultural project managers with public administration background on local and regional level and also for independent cultural operators with the motivation to work on an European level in their concrete local and daily practice connected to formally abandoned cultural spaces.

Workshop facilitator: Maria Trunk

For joining the workshop you have to register for the conference.

About the conference:
TEH (Trans Europe Halles) Conference #87 aims to share and exchange methods for activating civil society and independent creative and cultural actors through artistic means and strategies, the training of stakeholders and the development of recommendations for action for the cultural and creative industries.

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