Vibrant Voids Exhibition

Heritage Sites as Cultural Enabling Spaces
Transnational Experiences, Cooperative Approaches & Multiple Perspectives on the challenges of today’s cultural heritage revitalization 
Cultural projects at vacant urban spaces have the potential to be key factors of heritage preservation and an essential part of spatial urban transformation processes towards the development of new life and diversity. However, cultural operators, administrations and initiatives have to consider precarious effects like gentrification, festivalization and creative place making without social conscience. 
Being beware of these challenges is the first step towards future-oriented cultural heritage revitalization. But how to find the equilibrium of economic, environmental, social, historical and cultural dimensions of revalorization projects with the sustainable city in mind?

Pilot Action Exhibition
Europe is characterized by the presence of vacant historical buildings. Through cooperative approaches they can turn into vibrant, participative and diverse spaces with a positive impact on cities and communities. This exhibition gives an impression to the wide transnational range of cultural heritage revitalisation approaches. With 8 examples out of 6 countries.

 „Vibrant Voids“
Z-Bau Nordgarten, Nuremberg, Germany
Open 22.09.-25.9.2019

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