Kick-off pilot activity workshop for “Testing of real life environment use of gluten-free offer in restaurants”, performed by Hungarian celaic society

Within the FOCUS IN CD project, the Hungarian Coeliac Society will have dynamic start of the “Eating out Gluten free” project in Hungary.

Several speakers will inform the participants about the project, the real importance of the gluten-free diet and about the possible solutions for the restaurants, hotels and other service providers to serve their coeliac customers.

We invited owners, professional leaders, chefs of restaurants, public caterers, pastry shops, hotels, pizzerias, ice-cream parlors, etc. who daily meet celiac disease patients and are faced with a challenge to prepare safe and excellent gluten-free food. We invited also the representatives of gluten-free manufacturers.

The meeting has two aims: the first one is to draw attention to the strict gluten-free diet, patients need to follow lifelong, which it is the only medical treatment, the second aim is to help the staff to understand the real needs of celiac patients and to gain knowledge how to prepare safe gluten-free foods for their celiac guests.

One presentation will be dedicated to concrete practical hints, informing how to replace the traditional and usual raw materials, how to avoid cross-contamination.

The participants will be informed about the FOCUS IN CD project and about the European Eating out Gluten-free Project of AOECS, about general legal rules; all restaurants are obliged to follow (1169/2011 EU; Food Information for Consumers; Regulation).

Organizing the planned meeting, the Hungarian Coeliac Society is trying to raise awareness, to improve knowledge offer useful information to all interesting parties of the “Gluten-free Eating out Game”, but our main task is to support coeliac disease patients, their families and friends."