First Steering Group Meeting Minutes

The first PROJECT PARTNER MEETING of CerDee was held on 21 and 22 of November 2019 at New Design University Privatuniversität GesmbH in St. Pölten. 23 persons from all partners, the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza (IT), Muzeum Ceramiki w Bolesławcu (PL), New Design University St. Pölten (AT), Narodni Muzej Slovenije (SL), Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellen in Hohenberg a. d. Eger /Selb, Technical University Ilmenau, Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, and Zavod zu turizem in kultro Kranj as well as a representative of one associated partner took part.

After the welcome of Rector H. Grüner from NDU and from the lead partner Porzellanikon, represented by W. Schilling a short report about management issues and other general project related information was given. This was followed by four parallel thematic workshops linked to the thematic work packages during which the partners reviewed the progress of the project and discussed next activities.

Results and conclusions of the four workshops were presented on the second meeting day to all the partners. Within WP T1 a first methodology of the mapping activities was developed. First CCIs could already be recorded in all project regions by the partners. Within the next three months the surveys will be carried out according the questionnaires, which were established for the different stakeholders during the last months by the lead of WP T1 the University of West Bohemia. 

Workshop result discussion

The National Museum of Slovenia, who leads WP T2 started the activities of this work package with a short survey in Slovenia to learn more about the needs and wishes of the CCIs related to any possible online publications of archive materials within CerDee. According to the presented results the partners aligned their further work. Besides, the partner museums are asked to research any suitable materials from their own collections while the University partners are called to continue the survey at their institutions.

MIC Faenza, leader of WP T3 presented together with their associated partner ISIA Faenza the first workshop for CCIs which will be held in summer 2020 at ISIA Faenza. In addition, the further procedure in regard to the handbook for CCIs was present. Furthermore, the Future Lights in Ceramics 2020 were selected. They will be presented at Ambiente fair in Frankfurt/Main in February 2020. Besides, they will be exhibited within the Premio Faenza exhibition from June to November 2020 at the MIC Faenza. Together with the partners the other planned workshops and summer schools for CCIs were discussed with regard of topics and venues.

Workshop result

As the work on WP T4 just started the responsible partner Porzellanikon reported first thoughts and plans to achieve the different goals of this work package. 

TU Ilmenau, responsible for the communication of the project introduced the communication strategy which was developed during the first project period. The partners were aligned to deliver project related updates for the social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as for the website. A projected mapping of the “Ceramics in Europe” platform was presented with modules. One of the main topics of discussion was the integration strategy of all partner’s output activities regarding CerDee in the project website.

NDU reported, that they are going to implement the topic of CerDee and ceramics into their curriculum of the next summer semester in the Bachelor course “Manual & Material Culture” and asked the partners to support this with their knowledge and different competences.

Musuem Visit

At the end of the first meeting day the Geschirrmuseum & Schaudepot Wilhelmsburg and the LAUFEN AG in Wilhelmsburg were visited. A guided tour through both introduced the partners to the ceramic  history and the current production of modern sanitary ceramics.