Gdansk strategy plan 

The baseline assumption for the Action Plan for Gdansk FUA was not to contradict with the strategic documents which are now in place. The approach was to search for connections and synergies. Additionally, SUMP for Gdansk was prepared in parallel, a document which have a major impact on wide range of action regarding mobility in Gdansk and was coordinated with Action Plan. In summary, Gdansk Action Plan focuses on the measures which connect and act as complementation for different strategic projects and policies and has been based on the following priorities:

Action I - Modernization – searching for new technologies, including smart parking solutions which will be tested in one of the pilot action in SOLEZ project.

Action II - Completion – in various meanings such as completion of paid parking zones, completion of the bicycle route network and public transport connections, completion of semi-public/private spaces which are used as free parking spaces, better local regulation for road cleaning.

Action III - Expansion - enlargement of P&R car parks idea, expansion of paid parking zones, increase the number of bicycle and public communication users, expansion of Tempo 30 Zones and Pedestrian Only Zones.

Action IV - Monitoring – monitoring, analysis and better use of data from the communication routes (ITS), developing the network of certified emission detectors, enforcing the controls by the Police on exhaust emissions.

Action V - Limitation – aiming at restricting accessibility for cars in selected zones by remodeling the public spaces, increasing enforcing of road regulation while providing alternatives and improving the quality of public spaces;

Action VI - Prototyping - testing new solutions and new arrangements in public spaces, introducing temporary traffic organizations in order to experience the public spaces differently, especially to limit the domination of parked cars in public space.

Action VII - Information and education - both for the road administration and open public, close cooperation with the areas stakeholders.

Action VIII - Promotion and advocacy for better regulations - aiming at increasing awareness and knowledge; playing an active role in consultations.

Expected impact and benefits of the strategy

Better awareness of emission sources within different target groups. Better parking regulation in the inner city and improvement of management of public spaces dedicated to different road users - different mobility mode users. While in the long-term aiming for implementation of Low Emission Zone as required by Polish law.

Lessons learned 

The Gdansk SOLEZ Action Plan is a document which facilities the change for decreasing the impact of individual transport in emission intake and better valorization of urban space. Using the experiences of other partners allow to implement new solutions and methodology.
It is vital to acknowledge the background scenario of the law regulations in Poland. Under the Polish law, at the time of preparing the Action Plan, it was not possible to implement a Low Emission Zones, which were already established in European countries i.e. Germany. The Polish national law was introduced in 2018 (updated). Unfortunately, the proposed law solutions needs further development since the organizational burden (changing spatial plans) for the community will not allow fast implementation.