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German UNESCO World Heritage Day

German UNESCO World Heritage Day

7th June 2020

On June 7, 2020 the German UNESCO World Heritage Day was organized focusing on the theme "World Heritage connects".

Visitor counting in Krokar

Visitor counting in Krokar

3 June 2020, Slovenia

While the visitor numbers are thought to be relatively low, with Nomination Dossier in 2016 estimated only a few hundred visitors per year, there are no reliable data available about the visitor pressure in the area just yet.

Expert panel discussion

Expert panel discussion: Will the coronavirus pandemic have a lasting impact on Nature Conservation?

30 April 2020

In the open panel discussion expert panelists discussed the impact of the outbreak on nature and society, and shared what they were concerned about, hopeful for, or even looking forward to in the future.

Steering Committee meets online

Steering Committee meets online

23 April 2020

Due to the COVID-19 prevention measures, the Steering Committee of the project is organizing regular online meetings.

New opening vacancy

New opening vacancy for the Secretary Office of the UNESCO World Heritage Beech Forests

22 April 2020, Belgium

The Sonian Forest Foundation in Belgium is looking for a new full-time employee in the Permanent Secretary Office UNESCO World Heritage 2020 – 2024 ‘Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe’.


BEECH POWER is speaking - watch our new videos!

8th April 2020

Five experts of the BEECH POWER project share their thoughts about the objectives and values of the BEECH POWER project. Watch their statements here!

Effective management of World Heritage beech forests

Towards defining criteria for effective management of World Heritage beech forests

February 24-26th 2020, Eberswalde, Germany

Workshop's aim was to define a structure and related criteria for a standardized approach that would assist managers of component parts of the UNESCO Beech forest World Heritage property.

Photo exhibition “Capturing beech forests”

Photo exhibition “Capturing beech forests” travels to Angermünde

13th February, 2020 Angermünde, Germany

The photo exhibition “Capturing Beech Forests”, opened first in Eberswalde, Germany, has now moved to its next location: the city of Angermünde.

Beech forests photo exhibition

Capturing beech forests photo exhibition

13th December, 2019, Eberswalde , Germany

„Capturing Beech Forests“ is a photo exhibition highlighting the high value of the lasts remnants of old-growth beech forests in Europe, by showing examples of their beauty, (bio)diversity and also the threats to beech forest ecosystems all around Europe.

Young climate activists

Young climate activists unite

13th December, 2019, Slovenia

A BEECH POWER volunteer hosted a Citizens Engagement Activity at the Slovenia Forest Service.

workshop in Slovakia

MARISCO Risk and vulnerability workshop in Slovakia

1th-4th December, 2019, Kaluža, Slovakia

A workshop "Risk and vulnerability" was held within the 2nd thematic work package. The workshop was facilitated using the same methodology as the one in Slovenia called MARISCO.

Conflict resolution workshops

Conflict resolution workshops in Slovenia

November-December 2019, Slovenia

Two Conflict resolution workshops took place in Slovenia, entitled “How to get to the solution, when we have differing opinions?”

Situational Analysis workshop

Situational Analysis workshop for Snežnik

30th November, 2019, Slovenia

The workshop targeted the Slovenian component part Snežnik, the forest reserve and its buffer zone.

MARISCO in Slovenia

BEECH POWER workshop on MARISCO in Slovenia

18-19th November, 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

BEECH POWER project partners from Germany, Slovakia, and Slovenia met in Ljubljana to attend a two-day workshop that focused on identifying and discussing key ecological attributes and threats for both Slovenian component parts — Snežnik and Krokar.

Situational Analysis workshop

Situational Analysis workshop and field trip to the Virgin Forest Krokar

15th November, 2019, Kočevsko region, Slovenia

Members of Slovenia Forest Service and the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development visited the deep and extensive forests of the Kočevsko region, where we one of the smallest World Heritage component part can be found.

Situational analysis workshop

Situational analysis workshop in Angermünde

4-5th November, 2019, Angermünde, Germany

The workshop was open to broad audience, Evening discussions allowed attendance of public administrations, NGOs, interested citizens, several project partners and IVY volunteers.

Youth engagement

Youth engagement in Strasbourg

20-27 October, 2019, Strasbourg, France

The week was spent exploring what triggers youth engagement in Europe today, specifically in environmental politics and activism.

BEECH POWER attended the "Old Beech Forests" Conference

10-12 October, 2019, Bad Langensalza, Germany

This unique 3-day event included various sessions, bringing together beech experts of Germany as well as other practitioners and scientists.

Youth Green Conference

BEECH POWER on the Youth Green Conference

7-10th October, Lungau, Austria

BEECH POWER was presented to approx. 60 Austrian-Ukrainian Youth during the Youth Green Conference.

European Week of Regions and Cities

BEECH POWER in the European Week of Regions and Cities

7-10 October, 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Our volunteer of BEECH POWER, supported by the Interreg Volunteer Youth initiative attended the European Week of Regions and Cities.

Communication Seminar

Attending Interreg Central Europe Communication Seminar

9th of September, 2019, Budapest, Hungary

BEECH POWER was attending the Interreg Central Europe seminar on Communication.

World Heritage BEECH forest

Excursion into the very dry World Heritage BEECH forest of Grumsin

21st August 2019, Germany

Participants were shocked by beech trees that are suffering from severe drought stress, extreme temperatures and increased sun radiation.

heat and drought effects on beech

Investigating heat and drought effects on beech forests

16th to 20th of July 2019, Germany

Currently, in northern Thuringia the beech forests experience an unprecedented dieback, probably triggered by the extreme weather conditions. 

European Parks Academy

BEECH POWER at the European Parks Academy

18th July 2019, Klagenfurt, Austria

Project representatives attended the workshop on Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, which was organised as part of the European Parks Academy.

Project Implementation Training

Attending the Interreg Central Europe Project Implementation Training

19th June, Vienna

The training provided a great opportunity to learn more details on project management and finances.

Kick-off Conference

Kick-off Conference

14-16th June, Eberswalde, Germany

The kick-off conference provided platform to create synergies between the objectives of the project and associated partners. 

Project kick off

Project kick-off meeting in Eberswalde

12-16th June, Eberswalde, Germany

Three-day kick-off event and two-day conference brought together international project partners, associated partners and the interested public to focus on the project objectives.