Establishing a renewabl energy-yard

It is foreseen to install RES power plants in a former school building, we give them a new function for the building, plants will be placed in the “Energy-yard”, in order to demonstrate the utilization of RES. The aim of the community Energy-yard is stimulating the using of RES, educating and demonstrating it, spreading the application of the sustainable energy-consumption.
Pilot includes: (smaller wind power plant; solar power plant; solar collector; vegetable oil fed mini power plant)
The demonstration aim will be solved by a display, which continuously indicates information concerning the operation of the objects of the project. The produced energy will be used for community purposes We intend to establish each element with a capacity that can represent a detached house of average size (100 m2) and average energy consumption of an usual family (2 adults, 2 children).

Solar cell system: average energy consumption 4400-4800 kWh/year
- power network feeding solar cell system, able to generate 4.000 kWh/year electric energy
- 16 pieces of the solar cells of 250W, perform generation of electric energy of 4.000 kWh/year,
- nominal capacity: 4 kWp

Solar cell system: average hot water consumption 50 litre/person/day
- establishing a solar collector of 10-16 m2
- complete system suitable for producing hot water of use and helping the heating
- capacity: 7 kW (10 m2 collector surface) – 11,2 kW (16 m2 collector surface)

Vertical wind generator
- vertical wind generator of 1000W,
- Size: 1,8m wide x 2,7m high (settled 6 m above the surrounding landmarks)
- Maximum rpm: 180/min, production wind speed: 3m/s
- capacity: 1 kW

Vegetable oil fed mini power plant
- small power plant operating with used vegetable oil
- capacity of 5 kW