Modern heat distribution systems in Płońsk

The Heat Supply Company in Płońsk, which belongs to the Regional Stakeholders Advisory Group established within the ENTRAIN project, realizes the investment task entitled "Modernization and expansion of the Płońsk district heating system - improvement of heat distribution efficiency and elimination of low emissions". The total investment cost is 9 235 964,86 PLN. 
The project consists of modernization of the municipality's heating system through the modernization of the existing and construction of new heat distribution systems, replacement of existing heat networks with pre-insulated ones and construction of a new heat network to connect new customers.

The main objective of the implemented project is to improve the air quality by reducing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere through the elimination of low emission sources. This goal will be achieved by building a new network and connections to new customers from the municipality.
The expected results of the project are:
  • construction and reconstruction of the district heating network with connections with a total length of 5.65 km,
  • connection of 131 buildings to the municipal heating network.

Modern heat distribution systems in Płońsk are an important step on the way to climate neutrality, i.e. equalizing the level of CO2 emissions with the level of its absorption.

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