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06.11.2020 KEEPWARM PROJECT FINAL EVENT: Online event 12 November | 9 am - 4 pm
Keeping our cities sustainably warm: Inspiring the Efficient Renewal of District Heating for the Just Transition
We invite you to join our twin project KeepWarm and its team to wrap up the project story! Find out the excellent speakers confirmed

18.06.2020 TRAINING ENTRAIN'S TRAINERS: Economic calculations, financing and funding for RES district heating have been the topics of the second training inside the ENTRAIN partnership on June 18th.
Thanks a lot to our AT and DE partners for this precious knowledge transfer and to external guests who joined our online meeting!

07.04.2020 ONLINE STAKEHOLDERS MEETINGS: Headphones on! Our regional stakeholders meetings continue online.
In the last few weeks our Croatian partner REGEA and German partners RVNA and Solites were able to assemble experts to discuss RES district heating and our upcoming regional Action Plans.

30.03.2020 STRONG GROWTH FOR SOLAR DH IN GERMANY: Guess where close to half of all Germany solar district heating plants are located? Baden-Wuerttemberg, enclosing one of ENTRAIN target regions! SDH is increasingly recognized as a mature technology: high investment costs can be balanced through state incentives.

26.03.2020 POTENTIAL FOR BIOMASS&SOLAR IN CROATIAN DH NETWORKS: We analized three Croatian counties for estimating the potential of RES in DH networks. By combining forestry+short rotation crops, biomass could cover 1/3 of the overall demand in the area.
...and what about those sun-bathed roofs?

12.03.2020 WHAT IS THE POTENTIAL FOR RES DISTRICT HEATING IN YOUR AREA?: What is the potential for supplying thermal energy through small district heating (DH) networks fed by renewables, at local or regional scale? How can this potential be calculated? Find out in our ENTRAIN guidelines

27.02.2020 BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG, THE LAND OF BIOENERGY VILLAGES: In Baden-Württemberg (Germany) several projects have been realised during the last 15 year, showing how the integration of RES and the diffusion of DH systems in rural areas can be successfully implemented.

29.11.2019 AT THE UNIVERSITY NEAR THE BLACK FOREST: Near the edge of this suggestive scenario, we met with experts on wood energy and we learnt how to mobilize interest. Our Austrian and German partners inspired us with examples and suggestions on renewable district heating... one Brezel at a time!

08.11.2019 DHC+ ASSEMBLY IN BRESCIA: ENTRAIN gets itself known Project manager Chiara Lazzari has presented our project on Nov 8th in Brescia (Italy) at DHC+ Technology Platform - the European hub for research & innovation in district heating and cooling, set up under the umbrella of Euroheat & Power.

21.10.2019 BADEN-WUERTTENBERG BIOMASS ENERGY CONFERENCE: We talked about Renewable district heating with wood and solar energy - on november 27, in Rottenburg, Germany.

26.09.2019 WOOD ENERGY CONFERENCE: Where’s the best place to talk about wood energy and renewable heat?
The Fachkongress Holzenergie, the 19th International Conference on Wood Energy in Würzburg, Germany!

09.09.2019 HOW TO REACH OUT: By the river Danube, we've diven into storytelling techniques and precious suggestions thanks to the Interreg Centra Europe communication team! Taking communication forward...

15.04.2019 KICK-OFF MEETING IN MILAN: ENTRAIN team met in Milan in the splendid framework of Ambiente Italia headquarters, our lead partner. We're ready to start!