Wind turbines approval for BEG

Pfaffenhofen, 16. July. 2020

With applause from the audience, BEG administrator Andreas Herschmann presented on Saturday at the Pfaffenhofen weekly market the newest development regarding the citizens absed wind energy power plant. The wind farm in Förnbacher Forst with three turbines has apparently passed the biggest remaining hurdle in the ongoing approval process. After continuing concerns of the lower nature conservation authority at the district office, the higher authority has now clarified that there is nothing standing in the way of the wind farm under nature conservation law. This is considered a elimination of one of the biggest hurdles and will benefit the goal to supply Pfaffenhofen with 100% renewable energy.

Wind turbines approval for BE

Andreas Herschmann presented the newest development regarding the citizens-wind-energy-plant Source (;art600,4516397,G::pic1453,4180885)

Wind turbines approval for BEG

Thank you to all supporters of the renewable energy project