The workshop meeting No. 1:
"Ideation and visualisation" 


was held on 31 January 2020 in the Niemce Commune Office, Poland

During the meeting, a discussion was held with the residents and other stakeholders of the ENES-CE project from the Niemce Commune about the possibility of creating a citizen energy group in the Niemce Commune and activities related to future investments in renewable energy.

Kajetan Kościk, Head of the RES Division in the Department of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources and the Energy Advisor explained legal and financial aspects of establishing an energy co-operative and an energy cluster as a citizen energy group.

Despite the explanations of the Energy Advisor that an energy cluster is a friendlier form of a grassroots organisation, the representatives of the commune were inclined to establish an energy cooperative and decide on the legal form of the citizen energy group at a later stage of the project.

You can find more information in a short report.

Ideation and visualisation
Ideation and visualisation
Ideation and visualisation