The successful second workshop in Lubelskie


On 15 September  in the Niemce Commune in Lubelskie Voivodeship (Poland), the second workshop took place named “Technical workshop on updated energy data presentation of selected 3 best projects”.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Niemce Commune, commune councilor, residents of the commune, local entrepreneurs and representatives of local NGOs. For the first time, an external expert in energy planning participated in the workshop.

During the meeting, the residents and other stakeholders of the ENES-CE project from the Niemce Commune discussed the tasks to be implemented under the updated low-carbon economy plan and subsequent project activities. Three priority investment projects for the commune were indicated which will be undertaken in future: installation of photovoltaics and solar supper in households and public visibility buildings, modernization and construction of street lighting with the use of renewable energy, construction of bicycle paths in the commune. It was suggested that a foreseeable priority investment activity will be further installation of photovoltaic panels in cooperation with the Niemce Commune and residents.

It was also found necessary to conduct an educational campaign in order to raise awareness of the problems, present opportunities to engage in joint activities to reduce CO2 in the commune and improve air quality through individual actions.

It was decided that using more solar energy is a good direction, which more and more residents of the Niemce Commune are becoming convinced of. What is more, the Niemce Commune is considering the possibility of building  own photovoltaic farm in the post-mining areas.

A very important point of the agenda was discussion about needs, problems and expectations of the residents and other stakeholders from the Niemce Commune, also in the context of the planned creation of energy cluster.

The organized meeting turned out to be very successful and effective. It was the opportunity to develop a number of projects for implementation, and individual stakeholders also indicated their needs and willingness to cooperate. The workshop participants were invited to  participate in the next meeting in November during the Energetics fair in Lublin.

The successful second workshop in Lubelskie
The successful second workshop in Lubelskie