The building sector has a high potential for energy optimisation. In terms of public buildings heritage, energy consumption in schools is the second highest expenditure of municipalities' total running costs. This sector offers potentially remarkable achievements in terms of energy efficiency and the application of renewable energy sources (RES) and carbon footprint reduction

At the same time, disparities exist in central European regions regarding planning and implementing performances of proper sector-based strategies, action plans and managerial capacities. 

ENERGY@SCHOOL aims to increase the capacity of the public sector for implementing energy smart schools. The project will achieve this by applying an integrated approach that educates and trains schools staff and pupils to become Senior and Junior Energy Guardians (EGs). The project will provide: - 1 transferrable and 8 customised strategies for smart schools; 1 joint and 7 customised energy smart-school management plans;3 smart phones APPs for EGs;8 tested pilot solutions of energy efficiency and RES application in schools under direct contribution of EGs, in the form of guidelines, toolbox, best practices as reference documents and experiences.

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video project in bassa romagna

Energy@school shootings are going on: Fusignano students in Bassa Romagna are now working at the storytelling video

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Set is prepared


1st BARCAMP in bydgoszcz

Special interactive workshops - BarCamps are also expected in all countries engaged. The first
BarCamp took place in Bydgoszcz, Poland in February –
it was exciting time full of positive energy and
innovative ideas.


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