"Digital Check - Starter.Kit - Pilot application

First test proved attractiveness, functionality and customer benefit of the "Digital Check - Starter.Kit" package.

The "DIGITAL CHECK - STARTER.KIT" is intended to serve as an attractive offer for a first-time consulting at companies and to increase the application of the I4.0 maturity model at companies.

As part of the ECOS4IN project’s pilot phase, six test applications of the “Digital Check – Starter.Kit” shall prove this new service for attractiveness, functionality and customer benefits. The experiences, findings and conclusions will be used to improve and finalize the service package.

In May 2021 Innos Ltd. (Company for innovation and sustainable development) and Plankensteiner Holzbau (Timber constructions) took the opportunity for a test application of the “Digital Check – Starter.Kit” supported by ECOS4IN Interreg Central Europe project.

The companies’ vision is to bring a resource-optimised product to the market by expanding digital production technologies. With a view to the customer and the environment (raw material prices & availability), new answers to changing framework conditions are required. Thus, the digital check was applied for the preparational “pre-production” process and the core process "production".

The results of the Digital Check were to be used as the basis for a funding application in the field of digitization.

Feedback from Plankensteiner Timber Constructions:

“The results of the Digital Check give companies a new perspective on their workflows. Enriched with basic considerations on product and market as well as the elaboration of improvement measures, the Digita Check ó provides the basis for the formulation of a digital strategy. In addition, the Digital Check is a excellent tool for further use in funding applications related to digitisation projects.”

Business Upper Austria, the location agency of the province of Upper Austria, is project partner in "ECOS4IN" project, which aims to strengthen the innovation capacity for Industry 4.0. As part of the project work, services and tools for improving I4.0 competencies are (further) developed, the accessibility of I4.0 solutions get improved in order to make companies fit for the digital transformation.