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Dynaxibility4CE will overcome the limitations of the exploitation of single outputs from involved EU projects and build a comprehensive exploitation approach. This is achieved by combining and developing capacities for the first two phases of the SUMP planning cycle (‘Preparation and Analysis’ and ‘Strategy Development’) including managerial approaches, methodological tools (e.g. for air quality data measurement and analysis), training and knowledge platforms adapted to meet the challenges of planning for new mobility trends. By this, public transport authorities in Central Europe (CE) will be enabled to plan more dynamically and flexibly for emerging innovative mobility solutions for greener and cleaner mobility systems in CE’s FUAs in the future. Through seven action plans, the project will develop further and contextualise the SUMP concept towards planning for Mobility as a Service (MaaS), connected and automated driving (CAD) and urban vehicle access regulations (UVAR). These efforts will downstream the recently published SUMP 2.0 topic guides for these mobility trends to the level of the involved FUAs who will develop six action plans following these new guides.