Pilot action in the Town of Cakovec


Through the implementation of the Dynamic Light project activities from the very beginning of the project, two Croatian project partners, Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd and the Town of Čakovec, came to the point of the installation of pilot investment in the towns’ pilot area, the Ring Čakovec. After conducing the public procurement and hiring a constructing company, the works finally begun in May, 2018.

160 old high-pressure sodium luminaries will be replaced with 150 luminaries based on LED technology and furthermore, system for control and management of public lighting will be installed as well. Two sensors for detection of weather conditions will be installed so that in case of fog or rain the illumination level can be adjusted to best fit the current needs and create the best possible visibility. Thus, the safety of all road users (car drivers, bike riders and pedestrians) will be significantly enhanced. Through the night, when the traffic level is lower, new luminaires will function in the saving operational mode. Parts of the road that are more critical, like roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and especially roads near schools, will be lightened constantly and the light level will not be changed due to the safety of children and other citizens. Communication between luminaires, weather sensors and central management system will be based on wireless technology and the nominal power of luminaires will depend on weather conditions and the position of the luminaire itself.

The TV report has been developed to present this, most important project output to the wider public in our region so that they can be more familiar with socio-economic and environmental aspects and benefits of the same.