Pilot installations

The project demonstrates the implementation of dynamic light installations at the following selected areas:

1PA1- Mantova ,IT                             Improving public lighting in a green area in Mantova     Video       Presentation    

2PA2- Cakovec,HR                             Introducing new lighting solutions on city centre streets   Video     Presentation

3PA3- Glienicke/Nordbahn,DE        Upgrading of existing street lighting infrastructure     Presentation

4PA4- Sušice,CZ                                 Dynamic lighting of heritage site in the town     Presentation

5PA5- Zuccherificio Cesena,IT         Updating public lighting in a park area      Video      Presentation

6PA6- Gorenjska region, Sl              Installation of dynamic lighting in small municipalities     Video        Presentation

7PA7- City of Rostock, DE                 Demonstration of a small-scale dynamic lighting solution    Video     Presentation

8PA8- Güssing Castle,AT                   Dynamic lighting     Presentation