New tools to improve energy performance 


The WPT2 of Dynamic Light project is coming soon to an end! Within its activities we have used Geographical Information System (GIS) as a tool for management, planning and monitoring public lighting infrastructures. GIS supported local authorities in prioritizing street lighting improvements and monitor the impact of its investments on the energy consumption and savings. A total of 6 GIS databases were developed to host the technical information on lighting infrastructures for the project's pilot areas: Municipality of Cesena, Italy; Municipality of Mantova, Italy; Hanseatic City of Rostock, Germany; Town of Čakovec, Croatia; Town of Sušice, Czech Republic; Municipality and Town of Lwówek Śląski, Poland. Using these experiences we are now preparing the transnational trainings of WPT2 which will be held in fall 2018 in Mantova, Berlin and Brno.