Mid-term in CE452 project » Dynamic Light«

 9th and 12th of April 2018

Between 9th and 12th of April 2018, the partners of the EU-funded INTERREG Central Europe project »CE452 Dynamic Light« meet in Bled, Slovenia for a midterm meeting. "Dynamic Light" aims at increasing public awareness about the benefits of proactive, adaptive, dynamic lighting as well as identifying and demonstrating ways to implement it.

During the project meeting in Bled three new project partners from Austria and the Czech Republic were introduced to the project. They will contribute with two pilot installations in the historical city center of the Czech Town Sušice  and lighting the path to the historical castle in Güssing, Austria. The status of implementation of all other pilot installations in Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic were also discussed.

The first day of the event ended with a reception at the mayor of the town Bled, informing participants in an entertaining way about the long and changing history of Bled. On the 10th of April, a visit to the pilot location in Bled is planed. On the 12th of April, the project partners will participate in a study visit to the pilot locations in Tržič and Jezersko.