Development of Metal Foams at Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research 

A closed-cell-structured aluminium foam (named ALUHAB) has been successfully developed by one of our in-house development projects. Presently, the industrial scale technology is being developed by the start-up company Aluinvent Ltd. with the help of venture capital. Bay Zoltán Ltd. has also been developing open-cell-structured metal foams since 2013. These ultra-light weight metals are good conductors of heat, electricity and have excellent mechanical strength. At the same time, they are permeable by water and by gases and have a large inner surface. Open-cell-structured metal foams can be used to prepare chemical catalysts, heat storage devices or even bone implants. Bay Zoltán Ltd. holds several patents on developing metal foams (aluminium, nickel and titanium-based foams).