Development and testing of system approach for low-cost improvements for rail freight transport

Background of the pilot action                                           

Rail freight plays a key role and forms the “green backbone” in long distance freight transport along the OEM Corridor.

At the same time there is a need to further develop the rail freight system in the corridor in terms of capacity, efficiency and quality in order to meet market demands. In many cases targeted small-scale improvements for rail freight can already deliver important benefits and are often a pre-condition for exploiting the full potential of large-scale projects. The project identifies such small-scale improvements along the Brno-Budapest section of the corridor and derives conclusions for a systematic approach, which can be applied to further sections and other corridors in Europe.  

Description of the Pilot action 

The Pilot Action comprises four elements:

  • A general system approach to small-scale improvements for rail freight
  • The application of the approach on the Brno-Budapest section of the corridor
  • A demonstrator in form of a TEN-T OEM Demo-Train to demonstrate key elements of the approach and to give visibility to the outcome of the Pilot Action
  • A Guideline, which can serve as a handbook for application of the approach to other corridor section and further corridors.
    The Pilot Action is carried out by GYSEV Zrt, with assistance of GYSEV Cargo.

Expected results 

The main outcome of the Pilot Action will be a Guideline, helping transport planners, spatial planning authorities and policy and decision-makers to develop and improve the rail freight system in a corridor with help of small-scale measures and to identify measures strengthening the impact of large-scale projects.

Work package

Multimodal freight transport pilot actions complementing OEM corridor development


Investigating the feasibility of new and innovative intermodal services

Pilot region

Austria, Slovakia


GYSEV Györ-Sopron-Ebenfurth Railway

Pilot budget

180.810,00 EUR

Period of implementation

07/2019 - 06/2021

Further Information

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