Design and Prototype Model Pilot Action 

From August-October 2020, the SYNERGY team is carrying out the Online Pilot Action "Design and Prototype Model" on the Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform (SCIP). This pilot action offers ideal opportunities to try out and learn from micro-working and social product development applications. 

Research teams of at least platform users work together to elaborate solutions to a pre-defined challenge and submit a propsed design and prototype (3D/CAD) model together with a document explaining the problem to be solve and the respective solution suggested by the team via the Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform. The online crowd will evaluated the finished 3D/CAD models to define the winners. 

The pre-defined topic of the challenge will be announced soon...stay tuned...!

What we Offer

This participants have the possibility to test micro-working and social product development in a simple way via our Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform. The pilot action enables the micro-workers from the crowd to contribute with their own ideas to solve a specific challenge, to develop a new product model and design and to have it 3D-printed with a voucher if they win the action.

Participate in this Pilot Action
The participation will start from the month of August...more information will follow soon...

Win A Voucher 
More information on the awards to win will follow soon....

Contact Information: 
If you have any questions, you can contact us via the following e-mail address or via the communication functions on the platform