Toolbox for the promotion & support of social entrepreneurship

The first version of our toolbox for the promotion of social entrepreneurship (SE) in rural regions is now available online. Take the opportunity to get inspired by other European countries and their experiences in promoting social entrepreneurship. 

We welcome feedback, suggestions and of course even more tools, which we are happy to include.

The DelFin toolbox aims to provide public institutions and financing institutions with practical information on how to support SE. It is an online compendium of financing and funding instruments targeting social enterprises and business support structures while respecting the special needs of social entrepreneurs. It especially supports local and regional public authorities, business support organizations, development agencies and financial institutions in

  • developing and providing adequate economic and financial support possibilities,
  • promoting cooperation/networking,
  • improving business skills of Social Entrepreneurs,
  • and meeting the needs of evaluation and monitoring.

So far, the toolbox comprises three main topics: 1. business support structures/services,  2. financing schemes, 3. evaluation tools.

The tools are described in detail with regard to the phase in which social enterprises are supported (from non-enterprise entities to SE in a growth stage), to expected outcomes, steps for implementation, financial and human resources needed for the implementation as well as key success factors. Particular emphasis was placed on aspects such as usability, adaptability, and transferability to social enterprises and to rural areas.

Overall, the toolbox aims to strengthen the awareness of the important role of social entrepreneurship in rural regions with special transformation challenges and to advance economic and social innovation. (W.P.)