Pilot Visit in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

The first pilot visit was held by German tandem partners on October 7, 2020. The purpose of this online meeting was to give insights into the German pilot program and to exchange experiences made during the first phase of the program. Next to the German tandem partners and their service provider there were guests from Hungary taking part in the meeting. Topics tackled were the implementation of a need-orientated training program, as well as experiences and lessons learnt. Additionally, two participants of the pilot phase gave their impressions.  

After introducing the German pilot program to Hungarian project partners and stakeholders, an overview over the need-oriented training approach was given. A Q&A session gave answers about experiences, challenges and lessons learnt. Moreover, recommendations for the further development of the pilot phase were compiled. One addressed challenge was the current COVID-19 situation, which unfortunately makes team work less personal and brings different difficulties for each participant.

Thanks to the heterogeneity of participants, the pilot phase offers many learning opportunities. In this regard, two pilot participants introduced their socially innovative ideas: FormFux helps understanding and developing forms to facilitate bureaucratic hurdles, and Perdix Creations uses game technology to develop apps that provide help in the social sector. Both participants gave their impressions regarding the need-oriented training program and reported about their progress in establishing a social enterprise.