Online Transnational Working Group Meeting

DelFin project partners are preparing for their transnational working group & management/steering committee meeting on May 12 & 13 2020. But, instead of meeting in person in the cosy town of Duga Resa in Croatia and seeing the progress made in the local pilot project for social entrepreneurs, they will have their first online meeting of this format - due to covid-19 situation that has affected us all. 

Nevertheless, there are things to be discussed and news to be presented. Particularly, partners will have to agree on a joint concept and framework of implementations of pilot projects in 4 rural regions of partnering countries. Furthermore, methods of transnational monitoring and evaluation will also be a significant topic. Future project steps are bringing the matchmaking for the pilot visits in the form of international exchanges. All partners will pitch their pilot project so that other partners could decide which one they are interested in and want to visit. 

Partners will also discuss the communication activities, further reach to the public, but also cross promotion with other stakeholders and similar projects. 

Nevertheless, there are some positive sides to meeting online, beside not polluting the environment by traveling. Up to now, the physical meetings have mostly been attended by the project managers. This time, communication and financial managers will also have the opportunity to participate. This way, partners will include more people in direct communication, making the project management more efficient.

croatia meeting