In conclusion of the  the first phase of the pilot, the Italian partners Finpiemonte and Fondazione Giacomo  Brodolini organized the mid-term  meeting  March 22 entitled « Support for new SEs: from theory to practice »

The meeting was aimed to provide the pilot participants with an overall vision of the actors involved, the priorities and methods of intervention of the different types of organisations that, in their mission, offer financial support to business projects with a social impact and to local development initiatives.


The workshop had a training and informative purpose and involved a panel of experts from public and private financial sector in  support of social entrepreneurship. An overview of the pilot  was provided by SAA - School of Business Administration of the University of Turin, responsible for the first phase of the pilot.

It was  emphasized  that many projects  at the beginning  of the pilot were not ready to be implemented since they were mostly "social driven" projects more than "economically driven". Opportunities related to Public Finance have been presented as well as  some  banking financial tools  such as crowfunding, private equity funds , bonds at controlled  prices. The representative of institutional philanthropy explained they are experimenting a new financial tool called « Almost recoverable grant » Finally, calls for social enterprises  on mountain areas currently open have been presented.

The workshop  ended  with an interesting debate on what elements are taken into consideration by financial actors to provide funding to a social projects and what are the their expectations.

From the roundtable it emerged that funders are looking for  projects with a  measurable social impact,  able to involve a multitude of stakeholders, with a multidisciplinary team  and  economically  sustainable.