Video presenting the project  

Interreg DelFin video

The rural regions Saxony Anhalt (DE), Hajdú-Bihar (HU), Duga Resa (CR) and rural areas in Piedmont Region (IT) work together with the specific objective to improve funding for public support structures for social entrepreneurship and further develop financing and funding instruments for social enterprises. 

  • What do rural communities experience that urban ones don’t? 
  • What are the challenges of rural development? 
  • How is it to start a business in a rural region? Is it more likely to deal with poverty, depopulation, fewer opportunities, bad traffic infrastructure, low investment, or these are all prejudices? 

The main objective of the project is to increase awareness of target groups about funding instruments for social entrepreneurs in the period of economic recession, explanation of the toolbox as a whole, the potential of social entrepreneurship for development of rural regions, call to action for the participants of the program (Interreg DelFin toolbox

The potential of social entrepreneurship for development in rural regions is emphasized by the project, as are pilot programs which introduce the developed infrastructure in rural regions.

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