The TEN-T corridor Orient/ East-Med connects Central and South-East Europe. A crucial bottleneck of emerging relevance is the Dresden-Prague section, which needs to be extended by a new railway line to improve the connectivity between German seaports and destinations in particular in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

To capitalise the opportunities of the infrastructure investment for multi-modal environmentally friendly freight, the Free State of Saxony teamed up with partners from Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Realizing activities aimed at better coordination among stakeholders in the field of transport and spatial planning, the partners will contribute to the creation of an environment for more efficient rail freight in Central Europe.

To achieve the objectives of the project the partners will develop “Corridor Capitalisation Plans” to facilitate the interaction of regional development and transport infrastructure development. These plans, which will have a planning horizon corresponding to the perspective of realization of the new railway line Dresden-Prague, will demonstrate how an intensively used corridor affects regional development and logistics, and which contributions made on regional level will strengthen the corridor and its functionality.

As informal instrument, “Corridor Capitalisation Plans” address existing planning levels and instruments in the field of transport and logistics, regional development and spatial planning on local, regional, national and transnational (partly macroregional) level, thus contributing to multi-level governance.

Project Outputs

Project Outputs

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28 January 2022

Call for tenders

Video conferencing Services for The Final Conference

The project lead partner hereby announces a call for tenders for the video conferencing services for the CORCAP - Final Conference.  Participation in this call is possible until 28.01.2022, 12:00, via the tender platform www.evergabe.de. Please state your interest in participation in advance via e-mail under: vergabestelle@smr.sachsen.de. (Further information is also available via this e-mail address)

25 September 2021


Connecting Europe Express in the OEM corridor: EGTC presents CORCAP project

On its journey through 40 European cities, the Connecting Europe Express was on the move in parts of the TEN-T Orient/East Med (OEM) corridor. 

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To demonstrate the shortterm benefits of better accessibility and connectivity and to underline the added value of the strategic infrastructure investment, practical steps towards more sustainable freight transport will be taken through pilot activities. These are aimed the following issues:

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CORCAP has 10 partners from Germany, the Czech Repulic, Slovakia and Hungary








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